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Ways to Serve at JPUSA: Internships

There are so many ways you can serve at JPUSA. If you’re local, we can help you become a volunteer at our local shelter, Cornerstone Community Outreach. If you want more of a live-in community experience, you can visit us for a weekend or more. If you want to learn something and serve at the same time, we have (unpaid) intern spots available. Food and housing is provided, just bring your skill set and a heart for helping!

Some thoughts from previous interns:


Sarah Trax

I loved my internship with JPUSA; I still consider the community there to be my family since I still live in the city. It is such a unique opportunity to invest in a diverse community and fellowship with believers across all stages of life. I came in having no idea what area of work I wanted to be involved in, and they helped me get plugged into meaningful work that interested me, and were always flexible to help me add or change what I was involved in to maximize my internship experience. Living in community is truly a refining experience, as God will reveal a lot about your own heart as you spend 24/7 living around hundreds of other people. But it’s also beautiful, and a breath of fresh air to live in opposition to our consumerist, capitalist culture and to rely on one another as you learn to live together more simplistically.



Songiné Clark

Interning at JPUSA for a summer was definitely one of the best choices I made that year. Everyone was so welcoming and inviting, which helped make living in intentional community a bit more easier. If there was one take away I got from interning for a summer, it would be to love freely. Don’t let differences scare you. Those differences could be something that you end up loving about someone.

Check out our internship page and see if there is something for you!

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