The story of any one of us is in some measure the story of us all. ~Frederick Buechner



As a young Christian I questioned my use of time. What if I wasn’t investing in kingdom building? I worried if it was all for naught. When sitting down to write or pen (some very bad) poetry, I always had a needling tickle—What’s this for? What good is all this?

I felt like I was cheating God of something.

Since that time, as I’ve grown, gotten married, had a child—who is now grown and flown the nest—the thought crossed my mind, I’ve wasted a lot of time. Doing endless small, ordinary things. Looking for hats and gloves, opening doors for people, cleaning up messes NOT made by me, measuring countless cups of  sugar and oatmeal. Minutes, seconds, hours I’ll never get back for Christ.

But then I realized it wasn’t for naught.

I have this vision of God sitting back saying, “It’s all good, it’s all good.” and maybe doing a happy dance like Pharrell in his video.

I have this feeling that in heaven there will be no such thing as ordinary or small. That it’ll all be good.

Jane Hertenstein
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