The story of any one of us is in some measure the story of us all. ~Frederick Buechner

The Two Trees

Just about everybody has heard about that ancient tree in the Garden of Eden which bore the fruit that lured the first parents of the human race.  What was it about that tree? Satan probably hit the nail on the head when he said ” Ye shall be as gods knowing good and evil.” The lie was not the knowing of good and evil, it was that there was an opening among the gods. “Ye shall be as God.” Adam and Eve wanted to decide for themselves between good and evil, to be autonomous.

The correction for the fall in Eden was the kingdom of God, hence the second tree. Jesus said the kingdom was like a small mustard seed which when planted grows into a large tree so the birds of the air find a home. This tree brings men and women back into dependency on God into the kingdom of God. These people bear the fruit of the Spirit which is hanging all over this kingdom tree. The table is turned. Now the slaves of the pretender god of this world are being lured by the fruit of the kingdom tree. Sweet irony.

There’s a tree in the garden

In the garden of evil

Bears the fruit of the Spirit of God

And it’s free in the garden

In the garden of the devil

Took root from the smallest seed pod


And it grew to the heavens

To the heavens of God

But it drove down its roots in the sod

And it stays in the garden

The garden of the devil

A-blooming like Aaron’s bare rod


The fruit’s for a-picking

And many who fall

And who take the fruit home to their kin

There’s others are peeking

And yearning and seeking

What the god of this world calls sin.


“Stay away from that tree

Or you’ll answer to me. ”

Calls the prince of this world, undone

“Come with me if you dare

See the powers of the air

Get a piece of my town , Babylon.”


Oh the birds of the air

Make their nests in its heights.

And they cackle and caw, raise their voices

Yes the kingdom come

Is for everyone

All creation gives thanks and rejoices


Curt Mortimer
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