The story of any one of us is in some measure the story of us all. ~Frederick Buechner

The March

Today was a good day.
We marched
a funeral march,
mourning the loss of lives,
a humility march,
ashamed of my white privilege,
ashamed of the system.
a prayer march,
begging for change,
asking for hope.

Overtaking the street we were a spectacle.
people took pictures, high fiving us, giving us the thumbs-up.
or avoiding our eyes.
drivers-by honking their support,
or looking right past us.
The officers were so nice, we smiled and thanked them.

People of all ages and colors were there.
Old married couples, and young children.
A woman from across the street went the entire way with us, and all the way back home.
A lady with a walker joined in, slowly bringing up the rear. We put her at the front of the procession so she didn’t get left behind.
As we walked, folks on the sidewalk joined us in spirit and support for as long as our paths went the same way.
Or, maybe we were joining them.
It’s their street too, after all.

We marched west on Wilson till we hit Clark.
It was cold.
Our throats hurt.
Our feet hurt.
But we laughed, and danced anyway.
It was a Celebration March.
Celebrating Unity, Solidarity,and Hope.

We met another church at Lawrence and joining together we marched up Clark.
past Foster, to Berwyn, where we met an even larger group, and blocked the entire intersection.
a priest said a prayer.
a pastor led us in song.
A lady read a bible verse.
Someone honked and yelled at us out their car window.
The officer told them to shut up.

North to Bryn Mawr we marched
Hands up! Don’t shoot!
West to Ashland we marched.
Hands up! Don’t shoot!
South to Foster we marched.
Hands up! Don’t shoot!

There was silence.
“We can’t breath!”

Hands up in solidarity.

Silence and footfalls.
“We can’t breath!”

Hands up in surrender.

Silence and footfalls.
“We can’t breath!”

Hands up in worship.

It was a Worship March!
A Worship March, and we were worshiping the only One who could possibly bring about change in this messed up world, where not everybody sees the problems, or knows the solution, but we know HE sees the problems and IS the solution.

Today was a good day.
The Church was out on the street,
right where she belongs,
Marching a March of Love.
Let’s do it again and again.
Till  He returns and the march is ended.

Eric Clayton
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