The story of any one of us is in some measure the story of us all. ~Frederick Buechner

Organized Chaos and Community

This is community.


I order my coffee,

Sit down and look around.

Oh, how I see community at work!

I look around and all I see is togetherness

Among the organized chaos of the coffee shop.


Someone who looks to be an artist works on his computer,

Two older men in the corner talk about their life

While sipping on their coffee.

A college student does work on her laptop.

Three guys work on their high school project,

One emphasizing his words with hand motions

While the others listen.

A gentleman sits drinking an espresso.

A dad sits reading his book while the son writes,

Two friends sit, one crocheting and the other writing.

One gentleman sips on his drink while reading a book.

The barista smiles and welcomes all who come through the door.


A traffic jam goes on outside,

But no one is concerned about that right now.

This is community.

While the world is busy and rushes about

In a hurry to get nowhere,

Some people are here,

No rush to go anywhere.


Only taking time to sip a little coffee or tea

And to simply be.

Christina Howard
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