The story of any one of us is in some measure the story of us all. ~Frederick Buechner

Elevator Lady

For several years now the Lord has been working on my attitude toward those around me. Lately, He has been impressing upon me to love the unlovely. It is difficult, and I fail terribly, just about every day.

On one occasion, I stepped into the elevator and was accosted by the horrible smell of urine and a woman dressed in tattered clothes on her way up to one of the top floors. “O my! “ I thought, “this woman is obviously a prostitute on her way to meet some creepy, old guy upstairs.” Then she looked in my eyes and all I could see was a deep sadness in her being. My heart twinged with compassion and I said hello. My next thought was “I wish I could just take her home. Let her take a shower, give her some new clothes, and a good hot meal.”

“Ding” my floor, as I stepped off the elevator another friend jumped off and said  “I think that lady is a prostitute!”

“That is exactly what I thought too but I saw the sadness in her eyes and wanted to take her home and let her take a shower,“ I replied. Then we both went our ways.

A couple of hours later, I made my way down to the first floor and what I saw was both convicting and amazing. Standing by the front desk was the woman from the elevator, clean, dressed in new clothes, fed and smiling. Standing beside her was a senior lady who periodically hosts homeless people. This senior helps others all the time without any fear of what others might think of her. She is a Good Samaritan and does not go to our church. She showed love and compassion without any thought of what she might gain from it.

This was a real life example from God to me that day. Scriptures in action reminding me that love is for the least of these. God loves the least of these, not only the homeless but the destitute, the sinners, and the ones who have lost their way even made by their own choices and He loves me enough to show me my self-righteousness.

Rosalie Johnson
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