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Summer in Chicago

Horner Park, Chicago. Photo by rjurewicz.


Summer can be hard in the city.

Especially for a Minnesota girl. The land of 10,000 lakes. And grass, trees. The pine trees. The birch trees. Just trees. Loons. And the smell of water.

So, I rarely look forward to summer in Chicago. Unless I have a vacation planned.

It is hard to find a patch of good grass in the city, even with all the parks. One you want to lay in, anyway.

My son Matthew plays baseball each year at Horner Park.

I forget, that every year during baseball season, I marvel at this beautiful park and what a gem it is in the city.

It is primarily a baseball park; several diamonds, meticulously maintained. But there are also: trees.  Hugh, shady trees. And grass. A sea of thick, manicured, green, fragrant grass.

My one year old, Alexander, and I needed to get out of the house. So we went to big brother’s baseball game. Little league games require patience. Well, okay; they can be boring.

So, Alexander and I played in the grass. For hours. We laid in the grass and looked at the sky. We rolled a ball back and forth, in the grass. And went “ni-night” some more in the grass.

We watched the swallows swoop low to gather grass for their nests. It was so, incredibly, surprisingly, peaceful.

I am not missing the next game, because I want to lie in the grass again, and look at the sky.

Laura Crozier

Food Service Administrator at Jesus People USA
Laura Crozier hails from the land of 10,000 lakes, and although she feels blessed to live so near giant Lake Michigan, it’s not the same. Entering wifehood and motherhood at a young age, Laura hasn’t stopped since! Her love for her husband, Tom, and raising five children keeps her going; along with her love of serving her JPUSA church community. . She’s successfully tried her hand at teaching for Uptown Christian School (History and Home Economics), cooking community meals, baking and decorating wedding cakes, and has finally settled down (at the mercy of her toddler) to part time office work: helping with budgeting and planning weekly meals for JPUSA’s 300+ members. Not many people know it, but Laura once had a job peddling eyeglass cleaner at the Minnesota State Fair. God’s brought her a long way!
Laura Crozier

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