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Making a Loud Noise

Psalms 98:4 reads: Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all the earth: make a loud noise, and rejoice, and sing praise.

But what happens the noise you make isn’t loud, but more like the rubbing of cricket legs lost in a cacophony of jack hammers?

Well, let Glen van Alkemade introduce you to Zeppelin Design Labs, one of JPUSA’s new start up businesses.

They make amplifiers for musicians.

While Glen doesn’t build the amps, he makes sure Zeppelin Design Labs doesn’t get lost in the noise of the internet.


Brach Siemens is the brains behind a new tiny guitar amp.

The amp that’s making a buzz is about the size of a loaf of bread, which in the world of amps, is small. The two watt sound output allows you to play in your bedroom without waking your neighbor.

“With more musicians transforming their homes into studios, small amps are big business,” Glenn explains. “They are easy to assemble and easy to modify.”

The business is taking off, and Glenn is setting up distributors around the world, with many orders coming in from Australia and Europe. That means the instructions on how to build an amp had to be translated into several languages, starting with French, as Zeppelin Labs has had to do for their French market.

While most customers use the amps for guitars, Glen explained the amp could be used to record countless other instruments, even those mentioned in the bible, like the shofar. It’s a hollowed horn of a ram, played like a bugle. Or the lyre, a chording instrument with seven or eight strings, used to create harmonies with harps and singers.

I wonder what the Battle of Jericho would have been like if the trumpets were hooked up to Zeppelin Amps?

You can check out one of the amps being demonstrated by the other Glenn of JPUSA, Glenn Kaiser, playing the harmonica.

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