The story of any one of us is in some measure the story of us all. ~Frederick Buechner

I am Reminded

I keep a blog on writing and memories. One of my treasured memories is Deeply Rooted, a weekend event for women. Deeply Rooted for me was a sanctuary (ironically there was a theme of rest that resounded in the presentations and breakout sessions).

I came to Deeply Rooted with my own anxieties and restlessness. There were things in my life and in this country that unsettled me and caused me to worry. But as soon as I entered the room I was able to put all of that aside and turn my thoughts upward—my eyes following the artwork, hoops wrapped with fiber, garnished with twigs and feathers, streamers fluttering in the auditorium. Tea candles twinkled in the corners. I could feel my body begin to relax.

Kathy Khang talked to us about self-care through rest and sleep. As women we carry a lot of guilt. Kathy told us it was okay to unburden ourselves, throw off the tyranny of the to-do list. I was pleased that none of the speakers asked us to sacrifice independent thinking. It wasn’t about letting go and letting God, but as women we could trust one another, trust one’s self. Rest.

Anita Scott, the poet in-residence, was a strong voice. I felt myself rally around her authentic words, her cries, her warm smile. She was like coffee, which magically wakes us up and at the same time allows us to relax, kick back. The worship team, both Friday evening and Saturday morning led us into a space set aside for renewal, refreshment, and restoration.

Right now I have next to my toothbrush a promotional postcard for Deeply Rooted—and every day it is reminding me of that special weekend and that feeling of sinking down into sheets warm from the dryer and a fluffy duvet. Of resting.

Jane Hertenstein
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