The story of any one of us is in some measure the story of us all. ~Frederick Buechner

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The Unexpected

When I moved into Jesus People, I moved into a room two doors down from another woman named Sarah.  Sarah was, and is, one of my…


It’s the Small Things

Just small things. Today was a hard day. My middle son, who has autism, was having a rough day, and my youngest needed lunch. He also…



Mornings are my least communally-minded time of day. I don’t like most people right then—and I definitely don’t like talking to them. I wake up, and…


Ugly Mugs

  At JPUSA we have a tradition of collecting and using “ugly mugs” from thrift stores in our neighborhood. Our use of tableware has gone through…



I am just back from a week at Scout camp: three adult leaders, five great boys, and a week in the woods with rifles, horses, shotguns, fire,…



I am an introverted person who is pretty good at being social. This leads most people to assume that I like being social. Don’t get me…